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Jun 17, 2013 8:30pm EDT
currently as projects focused on the economy, energy, health care, regulatory reform, homeland security, foreign policy, democracy, and no immigration. each of these initiatives is headed by a diverse team of political and business leaders. subject matter experts, stakeholders, and academics who work closely with a policy team to develop consensus based solutions. the bipartisan policy advocacy network separately funded and provided strategic advice and aggressive political advocacy to ensure that the bbc policy recommendations gain traction with congress and the executive branch. the housing commission was established by the bbc in the fall of 2011 with the generous financial support of the macarthur foundation and under the leader and guidance of our for co-chairs, former u.s. senators. and former hud secretary henry cisneros. charged with examining the effectiveness of our nation's full range of federal support to housing to help chart a new course for federal housing policy. our report have been america's future, new directions for national policy which released in february with rec
Jun 21, 2013 8:00pm EDT
demonstrated, it will be the largest boost to the economy we have seen in a long time. we have almost reduced the debt. and in the process we are going to increase the security of this great nation. mr. president, i have indicated the part of the subcommittee chair. this includes ted kennedy who tried to do this the best that he could. he was chairman for decades. i'm sure that he is, and wait until next friday, he's going to smile at all this because this is a remarkable and good piece of work that he tried to do for a long time. this country is a nation of immigrants. i have to say just a couple of more things. my wonderful wife is here in america today because her father came here from russia. he and his people were persecuted against. one thing he did accomplish, he fathered my wonderful wife. an only child. as a result of that, i have five wonderful children, 16 grandchildren, that is what immigration is all about. that is why this country of ours has found immigration as a source of vitality and not a burden. this has been part of america's genius. i'm very proud of this body. >> the se
Jun 14, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of its economy. it tripled the standard of living of ordinary people, but in spite of this progress, we see these demonstrations. why? because they -- it shows that people don't just want redenbacher. they want freedoms. they want human rights, civic rights, they want me. they want rule of law. they want to take part in the decision-making, whether it's the future of istanbul for the future of their country. this is for mr. erdogan and in my view a wake-up call. turkey can go either on the way towards more democracy on the way to europe for a turkey can slip into unfortunately a cowardly situation that's developing in the middle east. thirdly, it needs a new constitution, not because of the e.u., but because of the democracy and development of turkish society and turkish economy. in this process of creating new constitution, not only the ruling party, but also the opposition should be included, the civil society, the journalists, the lawyers, everybody was willing to take part and i think turkey in this process also needs our help because if we let this progress, not only for a certain
Jun 18, 2013 8:00pm EDT
the carriage regime to our modern background economy. second, we conduct agency business transparently. you have been criticized that the fcc create de facto regular las vegas for the industry, or underscoring its ability to do so. i hope you understand the anxiety among lawmakers when a potential agency chairman, tasked with executing the law, discusses using a back door to imposing a new regulatory scheme and skirting the regulatory authority issue. congress never intended for the fcc's authority to be used as a back door policy making tool. we already have too maybe federal agencies carrying out their own agendas and overstepping their congressional mandates. we don't need the fcc to be another one. third, be a visionary. as industry leader and having served on the technology control advisory panel you have seen the power and potential of the internet. there's no debate whether our community are current laws, whether written in 1996, 18986, or 1934, consumers can choose from substitutes. all of our laws deserve to be reviewed reflecting not just today's reality but also allowing for tomo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4